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Adding a photo to you invitation is easy and fun! For both: the receiver and sender...and trust me, it's a lot of fun for us here as well :-)

At 4n-invite.com you have a possibility to add any photo you like to your invitation. You may then send it online or print it out and snail mail or hand to a friend or family members.

You may choose any photo you like to personalize your invitation.

It is probably a good idea to browse to other people's invitations on our site to get some really nice ideas how to create a unique photo invitations.

One of the ideas that I personally like the most is when, for example, for the 50th Birthday Party people use their childhood picture for their unique photo invitations.

Unique Photo Invitations

That is a fun thing to do and those on the receiving end can't help it - they have to smile and say "yes, we are coming" ...

You may think of some others as more funny and unique, in any case, enjoy the ride. get inspired and invite in style.

Happy inviting :-)

Unique Photo Invitations

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