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Free Printable Surprise Party Invitations - Download Theme Templates & Wordings

Everyone loves a surprise party. Guests who are planning on attending the party love to surprise the person who the party has been planned for.

The unsuspecting person is grateful that his/her friends have taken the time to plan such a party. It’s a lot of fun for both the attendees and guest of honor.

You’ve probably decided to plan such a party for your friend or relative. Planning the party is fun, but somewhat stressful. You have to pick a good time and place for everyone, get the guest of honor to show up(and not suspect a thing), and plan exactly what will happen at the party—if it’ll be a birthday music party, a pirate party, or a regular birthday party.

Free Printable Surprise Party Invitations

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Lost in all of this is actually getting invitations to send out to your guests. Believe it or not, but a lot of card shops don’t offer surprise party invitations. That’s why many who are planning on hosting a surprise party must go online to find free printable surprise party invitations.

The only problem is, online surprise party invitations aren’t easy to find. There are thousands of sites that claim to allow visitors to print free party invitations online.

However, most of them try to mix in a hidden cost ( so free printable surprise party invitations are not easy to find), or the invitations they offer are of a poor quality.

That’s where comes in handy. We only offer quality invitations—Christmas party invitations (with holiday verses), birthday party invitations, and, yes, even free printable surprise party invitations. You can even download invitation templates online on this site. All invitations are free and easy to find on our site.

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My wife turned 40 last year. To celebrate this milestone, I decided to plan a surprise birthday party for her. I wanted her to have the best birthday ever.

I decided to serve her favorite food—swordfish—at the party. I also decided to have a live DJ and invite all of our friends and family members. All of the planning went great, except when it came time to find surprise party invitations. To my dismay, the local Hallmark store had no surprise birthday party invitations! I was discouraged, but continued to look all over town for invitations. I was determined to find great surprise birthday party invitation.

So I looked. And looked. And looked. No store around town had surprise party invitations that I liked. Once again, I was discouraged, but did not give up. I went on the computer, hoping to find invitations which I could print out online (free printable surprise party invitations if possible).

After going through 10 pages of junk sites in the search engine, I found I thought they were going to be just another junk site, but I was wrong. I found great surprise birthday party invitations on I was happy to see that I could print free surprise party invitations online on 4n-invite. This was the perfect solution to my problems.

I thank for providing such great free printable surprise party invitations to me and everyone else who visits their great site.

If you’re like the above visitor, and have come to this site for surprise party invitations, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve got great surprise party invitations free for you to print out. Whether it’s a surprise party for an adult or child, we have it here, for you.

At 4n-invite, you can find a design sample, wording idea or a homemade invitation card that is great to send out to family and friends. We’ve got you covered, no matter what type of party you are planning.

Take just a few minutes to browse around our site. You should be able to find whatever type of invitation you are looking for. If you’re here to print free surprise party invitations online, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Enjoy!

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