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I guess my wedding experience was a little exceptional. While I am from Texas, my wife was from Hawaii.

I was posted on the island for a two year assignment at our client’s office which is when I met her for the very first time. The company for which she was working supplied computers to my client’s office.

She worked as a customer support engineer for her firm and would visit my client’s office where I used to work as systems engineer. I knew nothing about hardware and she didn’t know much about software.

After chatting a few times with her, she promised to teach me about hardware if I could help her learn more about software. I instantly agreed.

Neither of us learnt anything. We fell in love and learnt more about each other instead. She had never been to the mainland and this was my first time outside. So we talked a lot about the similarities and the differences in both the places and how it seemed to affect the way we live our lives.

We instantly knew that we needed to make adjustments in our life if we got married, but that was part of the fun. As soon we planned on fixing the marriage, the natural question was where to have it – in Hawaii or in the mainland.

My parents made the decision easier. They wanted to see Hawaii and so suggested that we have the wedding in an exotic island. Then we started to design our wedding invitation cards. We thought that we will make it sound like a holiday party invitation because that is partly what was happening.

Party Invitation Example

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So we searched and found this site where it had both Christian wedding invitation examples as well as holiday party invitation examples. So we printed these party invitation examples on stationery paper directly from the party invitation examples site and sent them along with baby sized gifts as invitation for the wedding.

Happy islander
Jim Willis, TX

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