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Have a blast at your party with challenging online brain teasers!

Brain teasers are not only the 21st century craze, they have been around for a really long time for delighting the mind of the human beings.

Rumor has it that Philetus of Cos, a famous Greek poet has died of exhaustion trying to solve a brain teaser, so big was his interest for finding an answer to the riddle he has received from a friend.

Actually, what he was trying to find was an answer for a Paradox that actually can’t have an answer. Here is the paradox: a Sicilian sails to Greece and tells the men working at the seaport “All Sicilians are liars” and sails away. Was he telling the truth or was he also a liar? Further more, the Sicilian sails back to Greece the next week and says: “All Sicilians are liars, and I only tell you the truth”.

The men on the seashore were truly puzzled and did not know what to believe. In conclusion, is the person telling the truth or is he lying when he states that he always lies?

Of course, you don’t need to get exhausted by trying to find the answers to the brain teasers, if you have a hard time finding it, you can search online for some guidance or the possible answer if you are sure that you can find it alone. However, that doesn’t mean that you should always give up easily because you can find the answer.

Don’t lie to yourself and play the online brain teasers fair! And if you get bored of one type of brain fitness game, you can always switch to another one; because there are plenty of options to chose from, ranging from logical math problems to optical illusions and crosswords. And the best of all is that each particular game develops different aspects of your logical thinking. Word riddles and optical illusions develop your attention, while math problems help you take wise decisions.

Playing online brain teasers should be relaxing and fun, don’t make out of it a contest to improve your brain skills as much as possible in a short time: in this way, you might lose their essence: having fun in a constructive way!

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