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If you’ve come to this site, you’re probably looking for free printable baptism invitations. That’s exactly what we’ve got. We don’t have just a few baptism invitations, but several different kinds. You will be able to find a design sample that you enjoy, or perhaps a great wording idea.

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All of’s invitations are designed by Nino, Nina, Nio and Nia, a talented family of flowers. The invitations they design look great and are perfect for many different occasions. Check out what Michelle had to say about

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"My husband and I had our first child together last year. Being Christians, we decided to get our son baptized in our church. We wanted to invite all of our family and friends to come to the baptism at the church, as well as our party afterwards.

I’ll be the first to admit that we are both very picky when it comes to selecting invitations to send out to those we know and love. Most of the ones we found at local card stores just didn’t fit our personalities. We needed something that would be perfect in every way.

After going to the 10th card shop, my husband and I just about gave up on finding a great baby baptism invitation to send out to people. We were close to just taking some time and creating our own invitations on the computer.

Instead of doing that, we decided to try one last thing: to search on the internet for a great looking homemade invitation card for our baby’s baptism. Pretty much immediately, we found After just a few clicks on the site, we found the perfect invitation to send out to our friends and family. 4n-invite was truly a blessing for us."

Michelle definitely isn’t the only one to be pleased by 4n-invite’s different kinds of free printable invitations. And she definitely isn’t the only one to download invitation templates from 4n-invite that she really enjoyed. We’ve received many pieces of feedback from happy visitors of our site. That’s really what keeps us going—knowing that you, the visitor, is happy with all that you find on this site. If people weren’t happy with this site, then wouldn’t be around, period.

Celebrating the baptism of a baby is a great tradition in the United States and the world abroad. Picking out invitations for the baptism isn’t so easy, as lots of sites say they provide free invitations, but in reality, they don’t.

We think that’s why so many people enjoy 4n-invite. It’s a site that is no frills, no fake promises. Just quality invitations for any occasion, that’s all we promise and that’s exactly what we deliver.

Take a look around our site. Look at the all the free printable invitations we offer. You should be able to find a perfect invitation for any occasion that you might be planning.

Whether that’s a baptism, or a birthday, or a retirement party, or even a Christmas party, you should be able to find exactly what you need here. That’s our hope and that’s our promise to you. We hope that you can find free printable baptism invitations on that will be great for the baptism party you are planning.

Samples of Baptism Invitations submitted by our visitors

1. This is a beautiful sample of personalized baptism invitation. Just insert your baby's picture and voila!

Free printable baptism invitations

2. Dove and Cross Baptism Invitation is simple, but elegant and suitable for any Christian denomination

Free Printable Baptism Invitation Template

3. Pink cross Baptism Invitation is nice for girl's baptism

Free printable baptism invitation

4. God protects baby invitation is a beautiful reminder of what happens at baptism

Free printable baptism invitation

5. Beautiful Dove and Cross Baptism Invitation, speaks tranquility and love

Free printable baptism invitatin

6. Beautiful custom Baptism Invitation where you and take a nice background and insert your baby's picture

Free printable baptism invitatin

7. It is a very good idea to insert a verse from Bible that speaks of the baptism

Free printable baptism invitation

8. This is a beautiful idea - take a simple, classy picture of mother and baby and use it as an elegant invitation for the baptism

Free printable baptism invitation

9. Another example of personalized baptism invitation

Free printable baptism invitation

10. This is as cute as it gets :-) and very easy to make...needs no comments :-)

Free printable baptism invitation

You may use our templates to print your own invitations or you may use our samples to email your Baptism Invitations!


Me and my husband decided to have a lovely baptism and invite all our friends and family members. Since we both have religious families, we decided to invite a lot of guests to this event. We didn't want to spend too much money on the invitations since the whole ceremony was quite costly, so we decided to look on the internet for free printable baptism invitations.

We found quite fast, and we just loved the designs. I didn't think that we will find a website this fast, especially one that has so lovely free printable invitations for baptisms. We saved a lot of money by finding!

Annie and John, NY


I always use a reminder service to remember important events, but it happened to me one time that in all the preparations I forgot to send out the invitations for the baptism of my first daughter.

When I finally noticed the reminder I realized I won't have the time to go out shopping and look for some nice invitations. To the suggestion of my older son I started to look on the internet and there I found pretty fast.

These free printable baptism invitations were just what I needed! It took me less than 10 minutes to find the nicest card and to print a few dozen copies. I don't know what would I have done without

Marsha, WV


I have a save the date magnet on my refrigerator that I use to make sure that I don't forget important events. When my sister had his first son, she asked me to take care of the invitations for the baptism.

However, even thought I had the save the date magnet, I forgot about them completely. I only remembered them when she asked me if I've sent the invitations already. Since there wasn't much time left till the date of the baptism, my only hope was finding something online and printing it.

I honestly didn't think it will work. Fortunately I've found and a lovely free printable baptism invitation. Without I couldn't have made it in time!

Lucy, WA


I attended the baptism of my friends daughter last year, and I got a lovely invitation from her back then. A few weeks ago when we were about to baptize my second daughter, I still remember the lovely invitation and asked my friend where did she buy it from.

She told me it was actually for free on a website, which I couldn't believe in the beginning. I was thrilled when I realized it was true.

All the family loved the sweet design and we think it fits perfectly to a baptism. I printed out a lot of copies and all for free! I'm sure I will come back to and use the free printable invitations again in the future.

Nora, NJ

________________________________________________________________ is a website that I bookmarked because I know I will use it again in the future. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find a better website with free printable invitations for baptism. I like to save money on small things but I also like them to be of good quality.

When I started looking for free printable invitations online for the baptism of my son, I didn't find anything suitable. I almost gave up when I finally found The designs of the invitations are unique and whimsical, just what I was looking for.

George, MS


I was looking for good quality invitations for the baptism of my son, but after looking for hours in the mall I just gave up. Baptism invitations need to be sweet and adorable, simple but unique and imaginative, but I didn't find anything like that. I only bought some lined envelopes for the cards which I still didn't have. My last solution was to look online, and it was a good idea: within 15 minutes I found, I chose the loveliest free printable invitations, and I printed them out on my computer. I only wish I have thought about it sooner!

Angela, OH


I usually save the dates that are important in a document on my computer, but when my brother had the baptism of his son, I forgot to tell him to send the invitations. Since he is always preoccupied with other things, he also forgot about the invitations completely.

When I finally remembered that the date of the baptism was coming soon, we didn't have the time to go out and buy invitations anymore.

Our last solution was the internet: we quickly looked for a website that offers free printable baptism invitations, and that's when we found I have to say we both loved the invitations there! We printed them out and they got to their destination in time.

Penny, MI


When it comes to different events and occasions I always send out photo e-cards as invitations, but for my daughter's baptism we wanted to have real invitations, so we will have a memory that we can put in the photo album. We were looking for a nice design that fits for babies. was the suggestion of a colleague. We found the free printable baptism cards there and we loved them. Our guests thought the invitation was adorable and they all asked where did we buy it from. I told them about and the free printable invitations, and I'm sure many of them will use these invitations on important occasions.

Luisa, VA


Organizing a baptism is a big deal and there are a lot of details to pay attention to. I didn't want to miss anything important, but somehow I forgot to buy the invitation cards when I was in town.

Since we live far from the town I didn't have the chance to go back anymore, so I decided to look for invitations on the internet. I found the free printable baptism invitations at

I still can't believe how much time I could save thanks to these free printable cards. All I had to do was to finish the envelope addressing while the computer printed the invitations.

Leonard, NJ


Me and my husband spent hours looking on the internet for invitation cards for the baptism of our daughter. We hoped to find a nice and simple design, but all of the invitations that we came across were too colorful and too tacky. The biggest problem was that they were also quite expensive. Since we had a lot of guests we couldn't afford to buy expensive invitations.

To my husbands suggestion we looked online and we found It was just what we were looking for: the simple and lovely design an the fact that they were for free. Free printable invitations are the best ones for any kind of occasion.

Barbara, GA

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