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Birthday parties are a lot of fun to plan. Kids birthday parties are even more fun to plan.

A parent and their child are able to pick out everything from where the party will be held to what kind of activities will take place.

Lots of time is spent planning every detail, as the parents want the party to be perfect for their child. One thing that is often overlooked is selecting invitations.

Perhaps you’re cash-strapped after planning the birthday party and are in need of free printable kids birthday party invitations. Or maybe your child isn’t happy with the invitations they find at traditional invitation card shops.

You’ve probably looked all over the internet to find invitations which you can print out online and are good, all to no avail. Many sites make the claim of allowing users to download invitation templates that are of a high quality.

Many sites don’t deliver., however, has everything that these sites don’t have—completely free printable kids birthday party invitations.

kids birthday party invitation

Create your own Kids Birthday Party Invitation !

See free sample of invitation here!

The invitations found on this site are designed by Nino, Nina, Nio and Nia, an artistic flower family that make superb invitations. Your kids are sure to love the birthday invitations specifically designed by Nio and Nia.

A Happy User:

"My daughter celebrated her 10th birthday last year. I wanted to make her birthday a special one, so I decided to plan a nice, Flintstones themed party. My daughter was very happy with this choice.

We found everything needed for the party—hats, cups, plates, napkins, even Flintstones wrapping paper. Everything was going good until I realized one crucial thing was missing: a Flintstones set of birthday invitations.

I looked at our local card store and found nothing even remotely related to the Flintstones. My daughter was very disappointed. I decided to check on the internet and hoped I’d find some site that had invitations.

I searched through about 20 ‘dud’ sites that had no invitations whatsoever—even though they ‘claimed’ they had invitations. Finally, I found I was delighted to find Flintstones invitations.

Not only did I find what I was searching for, but it was completely free! Free printable kids birthday party invitations that I could print out online—it was a new, but great concept for me.

Since then, I have used for other invitations. Just last week I used their birthday invitations again—this time for my son’s party. I am extremely happy with 4n-invite and will continue to use them for any further invitation needs I might have."

Many people feel the same way about as the happy visitor above does. That’s because we offer a site full of invitations that are easy to find, easy to print out, and easy to use. There are no false promises on this site, like at many others.

You can download invitation templates, find a design sample or a wording idea for your invitations. Our goal is to simply offer great invitations for free to thousands(and hopefully millions) of people. That’s it.

Our birthday invitations are terrific and free. If you are planning a duck party, princess party, Spongebob party or bowling party, we have what you need on this site.

You can find a homemade invitation card for any occasion. Why bother with electronic cards when you can print out free ones that look great?

It is our hope that you will take just a bit of time to look around our site and see what we have to offer to you. We’re confident that you will be able to find great invitations on 4n-invite, no matter what kind of party you are planning—birthday, Christmas(with holiday verses), or many others. We hope you enjoy the free printable kids birthday party invitations we offer, as well as the other invitations on this site.

I used this website for the birthday of my son who just turned ten. This was his first real birthday party, and he was very excited about the celebration. I told him that after the decides whom he invites we can make invitations with nice text and verses. He was excited that he will get so many presents. We decided to go out together to look for paper stationery, but somehow we ran out of time and I didn't have the chance anymore to take him. I spent some time looking for ecards and invitation templates on the internet until I've finally found this website with birthday party free printable invitations and personalized birthday invitations.

Martha, VA

9th Birthday Boy Party Invitation 9th Birthday boy party invitation template

For the 6th birthday of my daughter we wanted to make a party and send out invitations. We bought her nice presents and we wanted her to meet new kids. At first we thought about sending ecards, but then we decided we should get some nice paper stationery instead with verses and images. I spent a lot of time looking on the internet for nice invitation templates with text, and I almost gave up when I've found These free printable invites are great, they really fit the celebration!My daughter loved the printable kids birthday invitations, and she chose the free printable Elmo birthday invitation to send to her little friends.

Erika, WV

kids birthday party invitation

My son wanted real paper stationary invitations for his birthday party. We weren't sure whether we could afford this and still buy him presents: most of the times we send ecards instead of real invitations. When I've found these lovely birthday printable invitations that were for free, I was very happy.

I showed my son the templates of the printable kids birthday party invitations and he liked them, including the text and the verses. I printed them out on my husbands computer. At the celebration some of the parents asked me where I've found these nice printable birthday party invitations and I told them about

Jane, TN

Kids Birthday Invitation Samples

1.St Birthday Invitation Sample 1

Happy 1st Birthday Inrald Sheane from Singapore

1st birthday invitation sample

Kids Birthday Invitation Sample 2

Happy 1st Birthday Towa

Kids Birthda Invitation Sample

These are surely the coolest free printable birthday invitations I've seen! My daughter wanted care bear printable birthday invitations and I've found them here. I never thought I could find them so fast. I was searching for invitation templates with verses and text or some nice e-cards when I saw the invites at What a great way to save money on paper stationery! The are bear printable birthday invitations fitted to the celebration, because all the decoration was with care bear and so were some of the presents. I'm happy I've found this website!

Mark, MI

Looking for printable invitation templates for kids is not even as easy as I though. I was lucky that finally a colleague of mine gave me this website. The 1st birthday invitation printable that I've found here was perfect for the celebration I was planning for my son. I initially wanted paper stationery with text and images with babies but they were too expensive. These templates with verses are lovely and they are for free which is great. I chose the invites I liked the most and just printed them. It was very fast! Now I only have to figure out what presents to buy for the party.

Debbie, NJ

My kid wanted dinosaur printable birthday invitations for his birthday party. I found them on quite fast, so fortunately I didn't have to look through weird templates and ecards. I always like printable invites with verses on them more than paper stationary because it is much cheaper. Usually we try to save as much money as we can when it comes to celebrations, because they are quite costly, and there are also the presents to buy. Besides the invitation itself and the lovely design I also liked the text: it was fun and unique.

Marsha, TN

My kid usually gets a lot of presents for his birthday, but this year we decided to make a big celebration instead. This was his first birthday party and I wanted to make sure that he will enjoy it. We decorated his room and got a lot of food and sweets. We even decided to send invites to his friends. I found lovely printable kid birthday invitation here and we used them instead if ecards or paper stationary. The verses on the invitations were a lot of fun. I saw a few other templates on various websites with text but I liked these the most and my son as well.

Dan, NY

Thanks to I found the free printable fish birthday invitations that I was looking for. I spent a lot of time searching on the internet for ecards and invitation templates with fish, but they were either too expensive or just didn't look nice. I didn't have the time to look for paper stationary and printed invites, but anyway they are usually too expensive. I think that these invites are perfect for the celebration that we planned, since all the decorations are with fish. The verses on the invites are unique and it's a nice idea to add rhyming words instead of just texts. I hope my kid will love the presents too!

Joan, TX

I decided a long time ago that this year we will send out birthday party invitations, printable ones. We just cannot afford paper stationary and ecards that we have to pay for. Free printable invites are great too, they are just as beautiful and we can save a lot of money this way. I loved the templates here at the website, the text and the verses were adorable too. A week before the celebration when we bought the presents or my kid we also send out the invitations. I'm sure everybody just loves them when they receive them!

Janet, TX

kids party invitation

Example of birthday party invitation

When my son told me he wanted luau invites for his birthday, I got worried. I never thought I could find free printable luau birthday invitations on the internet. I already thought that I will have to look through all the ecards and templates on the internet, when I finally found I couldn't believe they are for free: this way we will have more money left to buy presents! The text and the verses on the cards are my favorite part of the invites. They are great for birthday celebrations, and think about how much money you can save if you don't buy paper stationary!

Mary, VT

Paper stationary can be really expensive sometimes. That's why I usually look for ecards and templates online that I can just print out on my computer. This far the online printable birthday invitations at were the nicest invites that I have found on the internet. I like it that they have small verses and text on them, because this way they are much more fun and more suitable for kids. My son loved the invites, and he got even more excited about the celebration and the presents when he saw the lovely invitations.

Kathy, PA

I found printable Elmo birthday invitations at which I was very grateful for.It saved me hours of browsing on the internet for templates and ecards. Not only did this website save me a lot of time, but also money. Paper stationary is costly and birthday celebrations with the presents and everything are expensive anyway. My son is 5 years old and when I showed him the printable Elmo birthday invitations with the images and the verses he liked it very much, even though he cannot read the text. These invites are great for kids because of their imaginative design.

Jack, MI

My daughter turned eight just a while ago, and I found this website just in time. Actually a colleague of mine recommended it to me, she said that she used the birthday invitations, free printable when his husband had a birthday party recently. She told me that it's a great way to save money, and the design are much nicer than any other ecards or templates on the internet. I think she was right: they fit for a birthday celebration, the verses and the text is also a lot of fun, and it is so much cheaper than paper stationary. I think these invites are also great as presents, my daughter just loved them and she wanted one to be framed!

Barbara, NJ

kids party invitation

Kids party invitation - You are invited to Morgan's party!

I was looking for invites for a birthday invitation party, printable ones. It took me a while to find, but when I did I knew these invites were perfect for the celebration we had in mind for our kid. The designs were whimsical and the verses cute. I saw a lot of templates with text on the internet and also a lot of ecards, but non of them were as nice as these birthday invitations. Now all I have to do is to go and buy the presents and pick up some envelopes at a paper stationary shop.

Carrie, NY

A few days ago I went to buy the presents for my kids birthday and I also went to a paper stationary shop to buy envelopes and birthday invitations. I was surprised how expensive they were. In the end I only bought envelopes and decided to send ecards or just make invitations with the help of templates on the internet. I wanted to send some nice invites with verses or some kind of text. This website made my work so much easier. I found printable 1st birthday invitations in a matter of minutes, and I could print them out right away. They are just perfect for the birthday celebration!

Adam, MS

I used the free printable Elmo birthday invitations from this website. My son wanted birthday invites with Elmo. At first I looked at some templates and ecards, but they weren't so nice. Here the invites for for a kid's birthday celebration and they are also for free, which is a great advantage. I also liked the verses on the cards, I was hoping to find invites with text on them since my son just started to read. With the help of this website I could save a lot of money on paper stationary, which means that my kid will get more presents than usually!

Gina, MT

When we were planning the birthday celebration of my daughter, a friend of mine told me that There are a lot of printable birthday invitations for kids on the internet. She told me about and that she saved a lot of money thanks to this website. Saving money was quite appealing, since I had to buy some presents for my daughter. I looked at the templates on this website with verses and texts, and I liked it a lot. They are much nicer than any ecards I've seen on the internet or invites that I saw in paper stationary shop.

Angela, MS

I needed some cute free printable first birthday invitations for my son. Since it was his first birthday, we wanted to make it a special celebration. We bought him presents and decided to invite some friends. I found some invites at a local paper stationary store but they were too expensive. Before I found this website i spent a lot of time looking at templates and ecards on the internet. I have to say that this far I still like these invites the most, especially because of the text and cute verses. I can't wait for the birthday celebration of my son!

Janice, WV

My daughter turned ten last month. For her birthday celebration she wanted Barbie decorations and Barbie invitations. Usually I buy invitation cards from the paper stationary store, but I couldn't find any and we didn't have time to look anymore. I already thought that we will have to send ecards or just forget the whole invite thing. That was when I found the printable Barbie birthday invitations at I loved the templates with verses and text on them. My daughter liked the invites with the Barbie, she told me this was one of the nicest presents she got for her birthday.

Lisa, WA

I like this website! This was the place where I finally found free printable horse birthday invitations for my son. He really wanted a horse theme birthday, and as one of the presents we decided to take him to ride horses. The only problem was that I couldn't find invites with horses anywhere, even though I looked in several paper stationary stores. There were a few templates and ecards on the internet, but non of them were nice. My son loved the invites at this website, especially the verses and the design. I also liked the text and I think they fit to the horse theme birthday celebration.

Ilene, VA

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