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My aunt is an extremely funny person. She has a great sense of humor and would have us in splits whenever we have a family get together.

She always has a joke to share. More importantly, she could make one up in a moment. The way she responded to situations was also so hilarious that we all loved to be around her. In fact she always had a group of people around her at all times, almost like bees hovering around the hive.

She also had the talent of keeping people of all age groups entertained. She could easily relate to small children as well as to the elderly. So much so, you would find anything from tiny tots to aged people vying to be around her.

Her birthday is coming up in two days and I wanted to send her a special greeting card by post. But just last week I had taught her to use the computer to check mail online. So I then decided to send her an email greeting card instead. That would be a good exercise to help her remember the procedure I had taught her to check mail. That would also force her to open her inbox when she knows that I have sent her a greeting by email.

Once I decided to send her a greeting by mail, I went to

Card Place

and browsed through a bunch of hilarious and funny greeting cards. I knew that even though she could make up so many jokes instantly, she also liked to read jokes.

So I chose a very funny card that I knew she would like very much. Then I wrote a short note of the free greeting card and sent it to her email address just a few minutes back. I am glad that my favorite site has some of the most hilarious and funny greeting cards found anywhere on the Internet.

James Griffith, ID

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