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When we were students a couple of years ago, pocket money was hard to come by.

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We used to do some part time work for our neighborhood grocery store and earn some pocket but it did not last us very long.

We had so many expenses to cover with that little money we earned.

We had to see the latest movies in town. We had to have money for soda and pop corn. And then we needed the money to buy greeting cards whenever one of our friends’ birthday came up.

We were very particular on sending cards to each other for our birthdays. So we needed to save up for every person’s birthday.

Luckily, the Internet and email opened up a treasure trove of opportunities for us. First of all, we could now switch over to sending e-Cards for all our friends. This meant that we no longer had to save money to buy greeting cards as we could send lovely Free email cards without spending a dime.

All these cards were free of cost and they looked so great. There were in fact greeting cards for every single occasion. We had birthday cards, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, New Year cards, Thanksgiving cards and a whole lineup of cards for every occasion.

The variety of things that we could do online was incredible. We could now shop on the Internet from the comfort of our living room. We could order movie tickets, buy groceries, send email, chat with our friends, and most of all, send them greeting cards for their birthdays.

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Just yesterday, I discovered the place where I can add my own text and even pictures! So I created my own card an emailed it to my fiancé. I visited This place

Brenda Thomas, WI

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