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One of my aunts had a peculiar feeling about birthdays.

She said that every birthday took her one step closer to the grave.

And she was not very enthusiastic about going to the grave either.

Unlike one of my other aunts who was a very spiritual person and longed to be gone and spend her eternity in heaven, this aunt wanted to spend as much time as possible on earth, alive and well.

Her attitude about birthdays made us all hesitant to send her birthday cards for her birthday.

Even when I sent her a greeting card, she never responded with a thank you. So I was still very unsure of what I should do. But then one day, everything changed. She had a spiritual encounter in which she claimed that she met God. We knew something had really happened because her whole outlook on life changed.

She became a totally different person and it really showed. Her fear of death also vanished all of a sudden. She now regarded it as a door through which she can go and be with God whom she had met briefly in that encounter.

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So now I could confidently send her greeting cards for her birthday. I normally choose a card with some good scripture verses and send it off to her. She now gets thrilled when she receives greeting cards from all of us. Last time, I wanted to send Free email birthday cards for her birthday.

So I visited

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and chose a good looking card online. The site has a great collection of free cards. I emailed the card and got a reply from her instantly. She was simply thrilled. So the next time you want to send a greeting to someone, send Free email birthday cards for their birthday.

Brian Costner, AK

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