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If someone who is very dear to you is going away for good or is leaving for a long time, throwing a farewell party is a perfect way for the guest of honor to spend some additional time with friends and family whom he won't be able to see for some time.

If you decide to throw any type of farewell party, you must know that this kind of party also requires invitations as any other party. Depending on where the person is moving, there are plenty ideas how to invite guests to the farewell party.

When the time comes to invite all the people who are important to the person who is moving away, the first step is to write the farewell party invitations. Keep in mind that they should be written in such a way to make the invitees attend the party. When writing invitations, the wording on them plays very significant role.

The more interesting wording, the more attractive the invitations will be. It is also important that the wording and the overall appearance of the invitations are according to the honoree's preferences. So before creating invitations, get familiarized with the guest's of honor likes and dislikes in order to make invitations that will perfectly match his future life.

Travel Farewell Invitation

Free printable farewell invitation example

Miss You Farewell Invitation

Free printable farewell invitation sample

Military Farewell Invitation

Serving the military is a great honor and something that only the greatest people get to do. Military farewell parties are either organized for those who are retiring from the military, or for the recruits who are leaving to join the military.

In both cases it is a cause for celebration, giving gifts and sharing nice words with the loved ones. Saying farewell is just as difficult for someone who leaves the military as it is for those who are getting prepared to join the army. Here are a few quotations that you might use:

Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.

David Hackworth

One of the best ways to keep peace is to be prepared for war.

General George Washington

There's no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war. Except its ending.

Dwight D Eisenhower

Free printable military farewell invitation

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Free printable farewell invitation example

If you want to make the invitations amusing and interesting, photo invitations are very good choice. Put a photo of the guest of honor on the invitations as part of the design thus making the invitations exceptionally beautiful. These photo invitations will be a very good reminder for the party attendees not to forget the person who is leaving while he is away.

Farewell invitations should indicate what kind of farewell party is going to be but also should include all the necessary information as the place where the party will be held, the time and the date of the party.

School Graduation Farewell Party Invitation

A school graduation party can be a very touching event, since it represents a great step in life that brings big changes for everyone.

It is a sad moment for those who have to leave but also for those who are left behind. However, such occasions are always bittersweet, because when something ends another thing begins. Here are a few invitation wordings for school graduation farewell parties.

Beautiful Graduation Farewell Video

A new adventure starting,
filled with sun, sea and sand,
we'd like to wish you luck,
as your horizons now expand,
it's time so say adios
although we'd really rather say,
ver usted de nuevo,
cause we'll meet again soon

Dear seniors,
You have been a friend, philosopher and guide during our
winters, making them seem like spring....farewell

Happy trails to you until we meet again
Some trails are happy ones others are blue
It's the way you ride the trail that counts
Here's to a happy one for you

Dear Seniors
Bidding goodbye is hard
But lets make this one like an eternal spring in our heart
join us for the farewell party...farewell
A sunbeam to warm you
a moonbeam to charm you
A sheltering angel
so nothing can harm you

Not easy to forget you all
we know well
with sunken hearts
we bid farewell

It's really hard to say goodbye to such a friend and palwith tears in eyes and lump in throatAdios! Au revoir! Farewell!

Retirement Farewell Party Invitation

Retirement is a very big change in ones life. There are many ways to organize a farewell event to someone who has to retire to show them that they will be missed. It is a hard step for everyone who has to retire to put all the years behind, but all the sadness is easier to bear if the words of farewell show love, respect and devotion.

To our dearest friend video!

May the road rise up to meet you
may the wind be ever at your back
may the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rain fall softly on your fields
and until we meet again
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand
and as you move on into the next chapter of your life
know that you will be missed
know that our very best wishes and thought go with
Goodbyes are not forever
goodbyes are not the end
they simply mean we'll miss
until we meet again

3. Farewell BBQ Party Video Invitation

If you want to make a farewell invitation party fun and not sad, making a BBQ party is a fabulous idea. You can share a beautiful sunset with your friends and east delicious hamburgers, talking of the nice times that have gone by and the nice times to come.

A few cold beers, and everybody will have a wonderful time. Making a video for such an occasion is the best way to invite your friends and make them excited by the party just by looking at the images in the video.

Chris's going away video invitation

This video invitation is a great source of inspiration if you are planning a going away party for someone and you are not sure where to start.

The video is great because it makes a fun and exciting event from a sad one. As you can see in the video instead of a nostalgic farewell party you can organize an unforgettable event, such as a camping trip with a lot of food, good drinks and girls. The last party together might as well be the best you ever had!

College Farewell Message

Messages that are put into videos are very affective ways to state an opinion or share feelings and thoughts on farewell events. The images, photos, music and words can be very touching for all the viewers. If you put your ideas together you can make an amazing college farewell message to say goodbye to your friends.

After all you are letting people go who belonged to your world for four years. Remember that when you make a college farewell message video, the images are just as important as words.

Moments of laughter
moments of enjoyment
moments of commitment
moments of admiration
moments of disappointment
moments that make us think back...

first glimpse of the college
first freedom
first free-night
first crush
first treat
first mobile
first girlfriend
first breakup
first smoke
first vodka
senior raggings
club activities
3rd sem arrears
repeated re-valuations
attendance lags
lab vivas
those technovations and interfaces
hostel day matches
first feel of responsibilities
first project
first interviews, first call letter
look of pride in parents eyes
and finally tears filled eyes
that bid the last goodbye

...we thank our seniors for teaching us to aim high!

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