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Fun with Email birthday cards.

I had a friend since my school days who could draw so well.

He had a vivid imagination and could draw spectacular scenery from just his imagination.

His drawings used to be so life-like that people would think he drew the pictures standing on the actual location. They would not believe that it came from his imagination.

But since I used to watch him draw in his studio, I know that it comes purely from his mind’s eye. Of course, he would pull some portions of the image from his memory too, but it was always mixed with the rich imagery that floated in his mental realm.

He would often make greeting cards from the images he drew and send them to his friends. He has sent me over a dozen pictures for the birthdays I had after we became friends. I treasure those greeting cards and have them displayed in my showcase.

The only resentment I had is that I couldn’t make such beautiful cards and send them for his birthday. I always had to rely on traditional cards that I bought in the book store. That was until e-Cards came into the scene and I started having fun with Email birthday cards.

Once e-Cards became available, I started learning different ways to make beautiful cards online. I learnt the various ways in which I could incorporate photos and graphics into the free greeting cards before sending them to the recipient. Once I mastered it, I realized that I too can make really outstanding e-Cards using just my computer.

I was at last having fun with Email birthday cards just like my friend used to have fun creating his paper greeting cards with his drawings.

Email Birthday Card

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Last month, I made a special e-Card


and sent it for his birthday. He said that it was one of the best cards he had ever received. That was the greatest compliment in my life.

A friend
Jason Rampart, KS

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