Free Printable Christmas Party Invitations

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You’ve decided to host a Christmas party and are trying to find invitations to send out to friends and family.

The holidays are stressful enough and you don’t have the time or the patience to search all over for good invitations to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

free printable christmas party invitations

It’s something that lots of people have to deal with. Fortunately, you can find quality free printable Christmas party invitations.

The great part is, you don’t have to search all over the internet for them—they are here at

free printable christmas invitation

Marc & Cath Christmas Party Invitation

Maybe you have some sort of an idea for an invitation, but can’t seem to find the words for Christmas party invitations. We have great holiday invitations and verses on this site that you should be able to find the words you are looking for in no time.

christmas invitation template

One Stop Christmas Party Invitation

Perhaps you are thinking, "they make a lot of claims, but does 4n-invite deliver?" The answer is an overwhelming "yes!" Here’s what Linda from NYC had to say:

"Last Christmas, I decided to host my first ever Christmas party. I was excited and quickly made the preparations. I decided what food to serve and what activities to have. There was one problem: I didn’t have any invitations.

At the time, I was cash-strapped and unable to spend a lot of money on fancy invitations. I tried looking at various card shops, but all of them wanted $30 per 100 invitation cards. I could not afford that. Finally, I went on the computer, hoping to find an invitation to print out online.

A friend told me about 4n-invite and I decided to check there. I quickly found invitations that were perfect for my party. I have continued to use 4n-invite for all my invitation needs and have saved lots of money in the process."

free printable christmas invitation

Shel Family "Make A Memory" - bowling Christmas Invitation

On 4n-invite, you are able to download invitation templates quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter what type of invitation you are looking for—we have them all. You are sure to find a design sample you enjoy.

If you’re hosting a staff Christmas party at work, we can give you the invitations you need.

Our staff Christmas party invitations are diverse and unique. Some are funny, while others are more religious.

Whatever type of staff party you intend on hosting, we have you covered.

Perhaps you’re hosting a party for your friends. We have plenty of invitations created specifically for parties just for ladies. You’ll be able to find what you are looking for quickly.

If your kids are hosting a Christmas party for their friends, you’ve also come to the right place for invitations. There are kids Christmas party invitations designed by Nino and Nina’s kids, Nio and Nia. Your kids are sure to love them and so will their friends.

If you wish to find a homemade invitation card to send your family members, we have those.

Nino and his family absolutely love to celebrate the holidays. That’s why they have created these invitations. They want to share their holiday joy with everyone.

free printable christmas invitation

Al and Debbie Butts Christmas Invitation

Take a few minutes to browse our site and you should be able to find great free printable Christmas party invitations that are perfect for the party you are planning to host. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas

I was on the internet today when I thought that I must let people know how much useful site I stumbled upon last week when I was looking for good Christmas party invitation ideas. I got what I needed and way more.

It has not only ideas but ready made invitations which I am planning on using for my other parties throughout the year. I really am happy to finally have found something useful on the internet. It is maybe just luck or maybe the people who created are so amazing, but I cannot describe how much time this site saved me with just a few clicks on my mouse.

Mario, NJ

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