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Birth announcement wording samples are available online.

When we were expecting our first child, we were wondering how we would inform people about the birth of our baby.

We took our scrap pads and started writing whatever came to our minds. But none of the text that we came up with sounded professional or polished enough to send to our friends. We wanted something more eloquent for the birth announcement. So we decided that we would search for a birth announcement wording sample book in one of the bookstores close by.

The following Saturday, when we went for our weekend shopping, we dropped by the bookshop and picked up a book that had many examples of birth announcements. As soon as we got back home, we excitedly went through the book to search for a verse that would sound appropriate for the occasion. But unfortunately, we couldn’t find one to our satisfaction. That is when we decided to try searching online.

In one of our searches, we came across this wonderful site which had so many apt verses for birth announcements that we found so attractive. We also knew that instead of spending money on books and other services, the online option was the most inexpensive birth announcement method possible. We could almost use the site as a birth announcement service because we could print out many of the sample verses on the website that were so meaningful and catchy.

Since there were so many that were excellent, we really had a tough time picking the best one. They all seemed to be so good. Anyway, we settled for the following verse which seemed the most appropriate birth announcement wording sample, which read:

“We have received a precious gift in our lives that has brought us so much joy and happiness. We invite you to share that joy with us by your presence”.

First-time mom
Jennifer Rampart, MI

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