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Celebrating the impending birth of a child by hosting a baby shower for the mother-to-be is a tradition in America and world-wide. Friends or family of the mother plan every detail of the shower by deciding upon food and games to be played. It really is a whole lot of fun for everyone involved.

At some point in the planning, the friends/family start trying to gather invitations to invite people to the shower. This is where it often gets difficult.

Either the friends/family can’t find invitations that are nice looking, or they can’t afford to spend a lot of money on the invitations. Usually, they begin to panic about finding good, affordable invitations.

Does this sound like you? Chances are, it does, or else you probably wouldn’t be looking at this site. Let’s face it—it isn’t extremely easy to find great baby shower invitations. Most sites claim to have cool looking invitations, but few of them do., however, is different. We provide free printable baby shower invitations.

Free Printable Baby Shower Invitations

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Yes, that’s right, we provide free printable baby shower invitations. Not only are they free, but they’re also terrific looking and great to use.

You’re probably thinking that it is too good to be true—that a site like could offer completely free invitations that you can print out online. That’s alright, as lots of people feel the same way initially. After they’ve been to the 4n-invite, though, they quickly change their mind, as did Catharine, a grandmother planning a baby shower for her daughter.

I was ecstatic when my daughter and her husband announced that they were expecting. It was my first grandchild, and so I immediately told them that I would plan a baby shower for them. Everything fell into place quickly—I had the balloons, games, food, everything picked out. The only problem was the invitations.I looked around the internet, hoping to find invitations that would be perfect for this great occasion. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much. After much searching, I found 4n-invite.

I was hesitant when I first came to the site. 4n-invite made claims that many other sites did. The only difference between 4n-invite and every other invitations site was that 4n-invite actually delivered on their claims.I was able to find great baby shower invitations that were completely free for me to use. I ended up using a frog baby shower invitation from 4n-invite.

At the shower, several people complimented me on how great the invitations looked. I could only give credit to 4n-invite.

At 4n-invite, you can download invitation templates, find a design sample, or a wording idea. You can find baby shower invitations, birthday party invitations, Christmas party invitations (with holiday verses) and many more.

We offer several great baby shower invitations. If you’re looking for a homemade baby shower invitation, we have it. If you’re looking for just a baby shower invitation wording idea, we’ve also got it.

Perhaps you want a gender-specific baby shower invitation. You can find a girl shower invitation idea, or a boy shower invitation idea. In either case, there are plenty of design options available for you to choose.

We've also got some simple baby shower invitations, as well as more elegant baby shower invitations. The invitations are traditional and more creative. Whatever type of free printable baby shower invitations you are looking for, we have you covered on this site.

baby shower invitation

So go ahead and take some time to look through all of our baby shower invitations. We can guarantee you’ll find free baby shower invitations that are perfect for the shower you are planning.


I needed invitations for a baby shower very fast last month. We didn't have much time to organize the baby shower and we also were low on budget. I didn't even look in shops for invitations because I know that they are mostly very expensive there. At first I wanted to send photo e-cards online, but in the end I opted for free printable invitations that can be found on the internet. From all the websites that I checked was the nicest one. It made everything so much faster than I expected and the invitations were of very high quality. Everyone just loved the them in the end.

Maddie, WV

Examples of baby shower party invitations

shantel baby shower party invitation

hantel's baby shower party invitation...


When I was in charge of organizing a baby shower for my friend, I wasn't sure where to find suitable invitations for a baby shower.

My sister told me that I should look online for free printable invitation at a website called, because many of her friends have used that already and it is the best you can find on the internet.

I followed her advice and found the free printable invitations there. She was right: the design and the free baby shower clipart was very sweet and lovely. I will recommend this site to my friends in the future!

Phyllis, VA


It's so hard to find baby shower invitations for twins' baby showers. I looked in like 10 shops, I even looked for at least an hour on the internet, and I almost gave up when I have found

This website of free printable invitations is really great, I was so glad that I have found invitations for a twin's baby shower. The designs were lovely and colorful, and the baby shower poems were also a lot of fun. When the guests received the invitations they all told me how nice they were. I'm glad I found in time!

Jessica, WA


I like to organize different events and occasions, I even have an event management folder in my computer. It only happened to me once that I forgot to send out the invitations for an event: it was a baby shower organized for the daughter of my cousin.

I was so worried that the guests won't be able to come, but my last minute plan was to print invitations on my computer and send the right away. Luckily for me I found and the free printable invitations pretty fast, and I finished the envelope addressing by the time the invitations were printed. My cousin liked the invitations a lot and she didn't even find out about the delay in sending the invitations.

Phoebe, OH


Last week I was looking for hours on the internet for free printable baby shower invitations, and I would be probably still looking if I hadn't found We decided to look for free printable invitations because we didn't have any money. It was the baby shower of a friend in college and she was really looking forward to it.We loved the free printable invitations at especially the baby shower poems. I think the drawings fit perfectly with a baby shower. Our friend loved them too, and the baby shower was lovely.

Ramona, MI

baby shower invitation

Example of Baby Shower invitation....


I didn't know that there are baby shower invitations for twin's baby showers, and I was so glad when I saw them a I used this website of free printable invitations once before when I needed birthday stationery. I loved the designs then and I love them even more now, because they also had baby shower invitations for twins!

My sister was so happy when she saw them, she said they are perfect for her twins. She was very surprised to hear that they are for free and still such a good quality. Once again proved to be great!

Nellie, MS


Me and my husband wanted to have baby shower invitations that fit to the party we organized. We didn't want to make a big deal out of it, the party was more like a meeting of friends and family. A college of mine suggested to look for free printable invitations on the internet. I didn't even know there was such a thing. As I looked I saw a lot of free baby shower clipart but they were too fancy and colorful. In the end I found, a website with free printable invitations for baby showers and other occasions. When I saw the invitations there I knew these were just our style: tasteful and unique.

Peggie, NJ


I like because it is different than most of the other websites with invitations. First of all here they have free printable invitations, which is great especially since when you organize a party of some kind it never hurts to save money in a way or another.

Secondly I think the designs and clipart and lovely and imaginative. Most of the invitation templates on the internet are too colorful, too sparkling, too much of everything. An invitation should be simpler and it shouldn't confuse the guests. On the free printable invitations at you can clearly see where are you invited to.

Ella, NY

________________________________________________________________ will always be my favorite website of invitations. I realized last time when I looked at some of the baby shower clipart that they have invitations basically for any kind of occasion. I needed invitations for a baby shower when I first discovered the website. I still remember the guests telling me how wonderful the invitations were, and asking about the place I got them from.

I'm so glad I found this website. Since then whenever I have to organize an occasion and invite people, I always use, the best website with high quality free printable invitations online.

Kathleen, AR


Last time when I had to organize a baby shower for a friend I bought an invitation maker and several invitation kits. I wanted to make something distinctive and unique, and after thinking about some designs I decided to add a poem to the invitations.

As I was looking for free baby shower poems for the cards, I found Suddenly I felt all my work was in vain, because these invitations were just perfect for the baby shower I was organizing. I just printed out a few and sent them to the guests. It's amazing that free printable invitations can be so nice and of such good quality.

Monica, IL

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