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Free Printable Invitations Theme Party Templates & eCards for Baby Shower, Kids and Adult Birthday, Graduation, Christmas and more...

You probably stumbled upon this site in search of printable party invitations templates online.

If that’s the case, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We offer all kinds of invitations on The best part for you is that they are all free!

So you’re probably wondering, who designs these free printable invitations? The party invitations are designed by Nino, his wife Nina, and kids Nio and Nia.

They are a flower family with a passion to create wonderful, templates for free party invitations online.

How did they decide to start making these templates? Nina tells us their story:

 "The kids, my husband and I have always loved doing things together as a family. When the kids were 3 and 4, we started drawing things together. Eventually, we began to draw party invitations to the kids many tea parties. The kids especially loved to make a homemade invitation card for their friends and convert them into free printable invitations.

As time went on, we began to notice that we were able to make invitations that people really enjoyed. Many of our friends began to inquire about our invitations, requesting that we send them invitations that they could print out online.

At that point, we had no idea how to go about creating a web site where people could download invitation templates. Nino decided to ask one of his friends at work, who advised us on the process.

Just a month later, the was born. We first put up birthday and tea party invitations, but have since expanded to include many other types of free printable invitations. The reaction has been great—many people love our site and the fact that everything on it is free. We hope that you enjoy our site as well."

What kind of templates for free printable party invitations can you find on here? You can find practically every kind imaginable. You can even get a design sample or wording idea just from looking around. If you are looking for a free holiday party invitation template (complete with holiday verses), we’ve got them. If you are looking for a Christmas free holiday party invitation template, we have those as well. We also have birthday party invitation templates.

But what if you are looking for a party invitation template for a special occasion? Don’t worry, we’ve also got plenty of those available as well. We offer Bridal Shower, Wedding, Baby Shower, Graduation and Baptism printable party invitations. Not only do we offer those, but we also offer Holiday, Tea Party, Engagement, and Retirement party invitations. We even offer Poker party invitation templates, as well as many, many more templates.

All of our free templates feature either Nino, Nina, Nio or Nia, or even all of them. The designs of each template for free printable party invitations vary greatly, making it easy for anyone to find a template suitable for them. These templates are suitable for all ages, and are sure to be a hit with anyone from 8-88!

You have probably been to other "free printable invitations" sites before, only to find out that their templates weren’t free or weren’t very good—or both. That’s simply not the case here. Nino’s family is committed to creating great looking templates for free printable party invitations. Everything on this site is of a certain quality and is totally free.

So go ahead and take some time to browse our site. Chances are good that you’ll find something that is perfect for whatever invitations you are hoping to create. And be sure to check back often for new templates for free printable party invitations online here!

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A party is a cheerful occasion, an event that is suitable at any age, and can be organized for a wide variety of reasons. And what party is complete without a proper party template invitation that allows the guests to peak at the future event?

Especially when you plan a themed party, sending out the right invitations at the right time is crucial. For example, a Halloween party is not much when the guests are not properly announced what the special theme will be: you don’t want aliens to show up at your Frankenstein themed party, so you?

Our magical “flower family” Nino, Nina, Nio and Nia will help you browse the hundreds of party themes and will allow you to choose word template invitations that fit into your exact party characteristics. There is absolutely no need to loose a lot of time when trying to find in regular stores the party template invitation that you need, when here you can simply click on the desired design and just download it.

Grownup parties are featured by out grownup flowers, Nino and Nina. There is nothing more special than a flower power 70’s party accompanies by lovely peaceful, nature loving invitations meant to carry your guests right into the desired emotional state you would expect them to be before your party begins. Not to mention they will easily start to look forward to the party once they receive one of our party template invitations.

Religious and traditional parties require their own type of invitations. If you plan on being the Thanksgiving dinner organizer this year, then you would better come up with the perfect party template invitation that manages to get your guests craving for your dishes. Getting them in the mood for holidays is all they are about, and forgetting to send out your Christmas party invitations would turn out into a total disaster, which can happen when you don’t have much time at your hands. This is why we here, at 4N invites, dedicate an entire website full of party template invitations ready to use in just a couple of minutes.

An inspired word template invitation is easy to personalize and easier to print out. After a short visit, you will be able to choose the perfect artwork for your party invitations, and then simply get that special design onto a plain piece of paper, making it fabulous, just as you’ve spent hours and hours trying to come up with such a quality invitation. And it all takes just a couple of minutes of your time.

The affordable word template invitation that you will use for your party guests is the element which can make attending your party worthwhile, regardless of the theme or reasons. Even a regular office party, where usually no one comes, can become crowded when people were invited properly. Using company logo and a formal line is not a way to invite them to a party. But using an inspired formal template can make your party irresistible.

Children parties are featured by our lovely Nia and Nio child flowers. Still growing, they are young just like your kids, and want to show you all the fun invitations they have prepared to make things easier for parents, and more enjoyable for children.

Organizing a perfect party has to start with choosing the right invitation. Browse the categories with trust, as you are bound to find here what you expected and much more, as we ensure we have templates that suit each and every one of your tastes.

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